November 5, 2009

Just when everyone was getting used to this new website, we have a few more changes to announce. Most of you who follow this website are what we call “Groupies” (and you KNOW who you are!).  You find yourself checking the site if not daily then every other day, cheering on the adoptions and feeling sorry for those who are still hanging out in foster care. If you have followed us through yet another year of many hundreds of severely neglected and abused cats flooding into our rescue you know how much we put into these little guys and how much we care. But this care is very expensive, and getting increasingly so. Our vet bills easily exceed $7000 PER MONTH now, partly due to to vets raising their rates as a result of a difficult economy. 

Our rescue exists entirely on adoption fees and donations. Like most charities, our donations have dropped off, leaving us to try to do more with less. We do not want to skimp on care our cats need when they come to us, so we will be raising our adoption fees on sliding scale basis, starting DECEMBER 1. Most of you are aware that given what we put into our cats, and how much breeders charge for their cats, our adoption fees are more than reasonable. For example:
Average spay: $100

Microchipping: $25

Distemper/Rabies: $50

Feline Leukemia/FIV test: $50

Average cost of a purebred cat from a breeder: $250-$900 depending on breed.

Since our average adult fee has been $150 which includes all of the above, you can see that our fees are very modest. So starting December 1, our adult cats (ages 1-7 years) will be on a sliding scale fee base of $150-$300 depending on breed and specific cat. This will encompass all breeds we serve, and each cat will have its adoption fee clearly stated on each listing. Many will continue to be $150, but others will be a bit more…still a significant bargain. The other adoption fees will stay the same, with special needs and older cats going for $80.

We want to continue to be a strong force in the rescue community for many years to come and to continue to save as many cats as we possibly can. This fee change should help us meet our escalating bills and continue with the care you have all come to expect from us.



Teddy…home at last!

July 2, 2009

This note is from Teddy’s new owner, Lisa:

Teddy Red PersianThere is definitely a thing called “love at first sight.” From the moment we saw this little red persian’s face on the website, we knew we wanted him. His name was Yoda, and he had the most haunting eyes (see left). Behind those eyes was clearly a frightened cat, and he had every reason to be scared. The first three years of his life were spent in a cage, where he lived 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a “kitten mill.” Fortunately, he made his way from North Dakota to SPCR and then into our home.

We renamed him Theodore Von Bear, or Teddy for short as he could be mistaken for a teddy bear, both in looks and personality. While we have had other cats, Teddy is the most affectionate little guy ever. He follows us around the house, up and down stairs and has to be either sitting on one of our laps or lying on top of us. One of the most endearing things he does, we believe, is borne out of his background. When he wants love and attention, he extends his left front paw into the air. It is as if he is saying, please see me, please pet me and please love me. We are willing to bet, while in his cage at the kitten mill, he most likely stuck that same paw through the bars trying to get the attention he deserved but never got.

While he carries a scar on one of his hind legs (where his groomer thinks he was probably tagged with a number), he is not scarred emotionally. He loves his toys, he loves his feline brothers and, most of all, he loves us with all his heart.


As you can see in this picture, we keep him shaved as he never learned to groom himself (see above).  He licks his paw to wash himself, but then his paw never quite meets his face even though he makes the motions of cleaning.  We call this “air licking!”  This picture was taken on March 17, the day we designated as his birthday—red hair, must be Irish!  He likes wearing little T-shirts as he is cold when he is first shaved.  The shirt says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.”  And we kiss him—lots.
~Lisa Q.

Vote for SPCR in this year’s “Rescue Challenge”

July 1, 2009

PetFinder, one of our favorite websites, and the Animal Rescue Site are sponsoring a “Rescue Challenge.” The rescue that receives the most votes in this contest will be awarded $20,000. Please show your support for SPCR and help us continue rescuing cats in need.

Please vote daily through the end of July: The Animal Rescue Site

Important note: When voting, please enter our city and state (Kenosha, WI) so that the website recognizes us.

We appreciate your votes and support.

“An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!” Documentary Screening

July 1, 2009

Join SPCR, Elmbrook Humane Society and Milwaukee Humane at the Oriental Theater on Thursday, July 16th for a special screening of “An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!”

Purchase your tickets online at Rescue Party Tour and enter the promo code: PUREBRED. SPCR will receive a donation of $10 from each VIP ticket and 10% of each general admission ticket.

This epic documentary follows the heroic animal rescue efforts that took place in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  This film was the winner of 24 film festival awards from around the globe. To view a trailer of the film, visit An American Opera.

The showing will include a meet & greet with the film maker after the movie. SEE YOU THERE!

Betty Davis

June 30, 2009


My name is Melissa.  I have been around Siamese my entire life and was referred to your organization about a year ago when I was looking for one.melissa

At that point, we had a cat (an orange tabby) who found us as a stray, Gimli, and wanted a friend to keep him occupied (and out of the bathroom garbage!).  That is when we found Phineas–originally named Silver–on your website last fall and fell in love.  From the minute we got home, the two boys were great friends and are now almost seeming like brothers.  They wrestle together (twice a day!) and sometimes sleep together.  We were very lucky.

Since then, I am still checking the site to see what other kitties are out there.  I wish I could adopt them all! Not too long ago, I came across one named Betty Davis who is entirely blind.  My family just lost the Siamese that I grew up with (Lily) who a few years back had cancer and had to remove one eye so I was drawn to a Seal Point who was blind.

Of course with my two crazy boys around, I would never be able to adopt her, but weekly I check and hope that she has found a home.  I just want to say that I love what you do and thank you so much.  My prayers are for Betty Davis and all the other kitties who need a loving home.  Thank you for making that possible.

Melissa Dohn


June 23, 2009

Every month we will have a new column featuring one of our “alumni”…a rescue cat that came to us in bad shape but went on to find a new home and lots of love.

Some of you may remember “Hudson”, a beautiful Sealpoint Siamese that appeared on our website last year. Someone in the Chicago area discovered Hudson in a cardboard box being sold for $10 at a garage sale.  She took him right away to one of the Chicago shelters we work with and we took him from there. What nobody knew was that Hudson is completely blind, probably from birth. He was also very thin and neglected and was suffering from a bad cold he had picked up from the shelter. After a few weeks of TLC in our Gurnee foster home, Hudson felt a lot better and proved himself to be just as personable and fun-loving as any sighted cat! Here he is perched towards the top of the foster home’s cat tree…and he had no trouble getting there! Shortly after being posted, just the right person saw him and took him home (see below)!!

hudsonDear SPCR,

My name is Blinkin, but you’ll probably remember me as Hudson, the little blind Siamese cat who was found being sold at a garage sale. My six month adoption anniversary is right around the corner, so I thought I would give an update on my life since then. My first month wasn’t easy. Although I liked my new home and family, and learned my way around without trouble, I spend a lot of time in and out of the vet. I suffered from an upper respiratory infection, eye infection and skin infection all at once! On top of that, I was pretty skinny. Luckily, my new mom was able to provide me with the care I needed and I was healthy and happy in no time at all. Since then, I have gained some weight, developed a soft and silky coat, learned to chase feather toys, and have discovered a quiet little purr that I like to break out when I am extra happy. I love to spend my days sleeping, perched by the windows, and cuddling with my mom at night. In the morning, I make sure my mom gets up by head-butting, rolling, and rubbing — all the while purring up a quiet little storm. I can’t thank you enough, SPCR, for helping me find my forever home and giving me a second chance at happiness! All I can say is that it’s been a huge success!

Love, Blinkin (and his mom Chandra Harvey)

P.S. I have attached a “glamour shot” so you can see what a looker I’ve become.

Another Perfect Match

June 16, 2009

We adopted Piper on January 1, 2009. He was being fostered by Rebecca, and he fit in beautifully with our family. He loves our kids, and meets them at the door every day when they come home from school. He also goes into each of their rooms in succession at night, hops up on the bed, and says a personal “good night.” He is a completely loving and good natured cat. The best part is that he and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie, are the absolute best of friends. They wrestle together, groom each other, and sleep together. It’s just too cute! Thank you again for matching us with such a wonderful cat.

The Popple Family